Privacy Policy


Who we are

Under a grant from USAID Tourism for All project we were able to  build this platform that seeks to  improve marine tourism chances of success by getting more people on boats.  Our team is made up of Tony Franklin, Naveen Chand and Tino de Freitas

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

To help with the functionality of the website, we need to  collect some personal and contact data.

The personal data is mostly for the Harbour Master who needs a passenger manifest for all boats lifting passengers. This is important if there is an emergency at sea and a search and rescue mission needs to  be conducted.

The contact data is for the boat operator to  stay in contact with you until safe passage is completed.


We do use some basic cookies but no personal information is kept. Most data is deleted after one day. Other day is kept for a month against an anonymous proxy id that is not your own. 

Who we share your data with

We only share your name , ID information phone number and email address with the boat operators in Timor Leste that are registered on the Rezerva Platform and the Harbour Master via email.  Your information is not kept in our databases.
The philosophy is the Rezerva team is that your data is sacred and we are not in the business of selling your data, sharing with others and will never contact you for anything. 

How long we retain your data ?

We do NOT retain your data!

How we protect your data?

We have advised our boat Operators to  keep complex and difficult passwords to  prevent any intrusion or hack of the Rezerva Platform.
There are safe guards to prevent this but would only be an inconvenience as personal data is not kept and only current booking data would be at risk.